Facebook favors the visibility of videos for SMEs, uploaded directly to the social network, penalizing instead the links from the Youtube competitor. On Twitter, instead, the clash took place at the last shot between Periscope and Meerkat.

These data highlight the potential that videos have for international as well as local businesses. Here are three suggestions to grasp three very current digital trends that perhaps only small entrepreneurs can fully capitalize on.

Video for SMEs: instead of talking
3 smart ways to use videos for SMEs

The charm of an action is often the result of the lens through which you look at it: everyday gestures become fascinating with the right frame. The simplest opportunity to tell something to buyers and future customers is to propose sequences that show how products are being sold, or how a given service is delivered.

It will be curiosity, an innate character of a voyeur or the desire to learn, but “how to” clips and “work in progress” streaming are tasty occasions for storytelling within everyone’s reach to bring people closer to their own reality.

It’s time to choose the right lens to be appealing and, as long as we are there, demonstrate professionalism, quality and transparency.

News, contests and promotions
3 smart ways to use videos for SMEs

Competitions, promotions and presentation of novelties are three other areas in which videos for SMEs can be used profitably.

It will be the experience itself that is exciting, regardless of the final prize. The mentality is to go from “the customer will speak well of me because he won” to “the people are involved in the initiative”, then the luck of a few winners to support many participants.

The watchword in this area is live streaming: involve people by presenting the novelty in an engaging way or by making it live, enhancing the user experience.

Then there are a before and after: it creates the right waiting with teasing movies and capitalizes the result of the initiative proposing the salient aspects in the short and medium term.

Vintage PMI
Many companies are in possession of more or less dated videos, made at important events, product presentations or maybe for a TV commercial.

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