Backlot Media

We sport a roster of creative talent that includes writers, directors, videographers, editors, animators, photographers and producers. Collectively we enjoy over 75 years of experience creating marketing and advertising for clients in Vancouver and indeed all over North America. Our team will expand or shrink according to your needs and budget, so you are never wasting expenses on things you don’t need for your campaign to be successful.

CompanyMan Production Services

Our services side gets to work with some really great producers and digital agencies from around the world. While we often provide the nuts and bolts for full-scale commercial productions and even TV, we really love to get a small, dynamic crew together to shoot content that demands flexibility with smaller budgets. It often means wearing many hats, working with real people casting and locations, and getting very creative with art department and gear. But it brings forth exciting challenges and really great work.

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422 Richards St #170, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4

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