Clio Cloud Conference 2020
We partnered with Mint Agency and Clio to create the largest virtual law conference ever to be attempted. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Clio needed to convert its famous in-person conference into a virtual event with renowned panelists and attendees joining from all over the world. In the end, more than 5 times the real-life attendance numbers were achieved, and their experience needed to be outstanding. There were 5 separate streams of live content available over a 4-day schedule, with keynote speakers daily such as Ben Crump and Seth Godin. And the end of every day offered a fantastic “after hours” entertainment experience as well.

 Jack Newton, CEO of Clio, envisioned a conference that was able to provide the feeling of a real live experience, without relying too much on prerecorded content, and which “would not suck…” Judging from the reviews he certainly accomplished his goal. The Clio Cloud Conference is being lauded as the best virtual event in the history of the field.

4 months before the event we were tasked with creating and implementing all aspects of the filming and streaming process: from planning and providing video kits for the dozens of panelists remotely presenting at the conference, to managing all of the required technology for filming, staging, captioning and streaming the conference to the platform.


If you would like to find out how we can help make your conference a winner as well, please reach out. And don’t forget, smaller virtual conferences and even webinars can help pull people over to your brand, or push them away if not done right. It needs to be an immersive experience, with chat rooms, breakaway groups and more. These tools can be available to everyone, because of modern cloud technology.


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