Olive Fertility Centre
We were invited by Mairi Campbell at Personae Concepts to come and meet all the doctors and staff at Olive Fertility Centre, and help craft a marketing video and a webisodic series that showcased the uniqueness of their very important work. What an amazing group! We were able to interpret with Mairi the main elements of their messaging, and develop scripts that served them the best. Then, we went to work with all their people to showcase the Centre and it’s staff and services in lively, dynamic and realistic scenarios that brought their ethos and their professionalism forward. These types of productions are also opportunities to give the staff a chance to “spread their wings” and participate in something that is exciting and outside their usual comfort zones. We love that side of the shooting days! Needless to say, everyone had a good time and came away learning something new about themselves.

"Working for great professionals at Olive was amazing. We enjoying helping their patients discovering new methodologies using video as a learning medium"