How Video Storytelling Can Transform Your Business

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The way companies utilize storytelling in their videos, however, is vastly changing. A few years ago, explainer videos consisted of a short storyboard in which the narrator explained the product to the audience and how it can help improve their lives. However, consumers are overwhelmed with advertisements that pop up at every corner, expecting something more imaginative from these videos. They don’t just want to be told a story; they want to experience it. Here’s how video storytelling can transform your business: 


It Increases Engagement


Few people prefer reading a wall of text over watching a 2-minute video these days, and companies know this. Videos are no longer meant to be viewed and forgotten about; they’re meant to go viral, spread through people’s social media feeds and encourage engagement with the company. Videos evoke specific emotions, causing the audience to regard the brand more favourably. It also helps the company establish a more intimate relationship with their customers.


If you’ve been struggling with website numbers and attracting new customers, pursuing commercial video production may just be the thing you need. Creating a compelling story and having a professional company put it together will grab your audience’s attention while boosting your visibility. These professionals are experienced producers and talented scriptwriters who know how to elicit specific feelings in your audience and convince them to buy from you. 


It Helps You Stand Out


A more democratic playing field that allows businesses to spring up left and right has ultimately resulted in an oversaturated market, which means you’ll have to work harder to stand out. Luckily, investing in video campaigns will help attract new customers to your company, especially when you offer informative, entertaining, and high-quality content.


Given modern society’s significantly short attention span, micro-story videos have also risen in popularity. Excelling in this field, in which you produce an impactful video in the span of a few seconds to just a few minutes, will increase your brand awareness even more. Your viewers will be more likely to share your video on their feeds and interact with your company, whether it’s visiting your pages, commenting, or following them.


It Offers a More Reliable Measurement of Success


Views used to be the all-important metric that determined the worth and success of a video; however, there’s much more valuable information in video engagement. It tells you how many times people watched your video, what the viewer does with the video, and what they do after watching it. The number of people who click on the link to your video no longer matters; it’s what they do once they visit your website. Your video can enjoy 100 million views but only a handful of website visitors; meanwhile, a successful video will enjoy hundreds of thousands of views and almost as many customers buying your product.




Video production is an excellent way to transform your business and improve your engagement with your audience. However, you’ll have to work with a reputable video production company that understands the story you want to tell and the best way to present it to your customers. With all benefits that video storytelling has to offer, you’ll have everything to gain from exploring this medium.


Backlot Media is a video production company in Vancouver comprised of writers, videographers, directors, animators, producers, animators, and other creative talents that can breathe life into your story. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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