Online videos are always going to be more concise than written messaging because they can convey
information on more levels simultaneously than a written message can. Of course, there are bad videos just
like there is bad writing. But a well-executed video can provide much more info in a shorter time. AND, a
range of videos will be easier to manage and scrutinize than the same volume of written messages.
This is why tv ads became so much more powerful as a mass-medium than did print. They are a more
powerfully compelling form of communication. And they are only 15- or 30-seconds long. AND this is
why video advertising will rule over anything else when it comes to mobile.
I think that therein lies the solution, or at least the long-term aid, to overload. Short, sharp videos will help
unclutter the decisions to spend time or not on a given message, and the information contained therein can
be naturally more concise and relevant than written words. And from a marketing point of view, they can
definitely be more compelling.

Many pundits claim that within 3 years over 90% of content on the web will be video. Given this timeline,
it's never too late to start thinking about the video strategies which will definitely affect your bottom line in
the not too distant future.
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