How to Know It's Time To Re-Evaluate Your Video Marketing Content

re-evaluate your video marketing content

Video marketing has become a crucial tool for businesses both small and large. It’s a highly effective tool for connecting with target demographics, building brand awareness, and driving engagement. However, successful video marketing is not a one-and-done effort! Today’s business landscape is teeming with fast changing trends, technologies and industries. Making the effort to re-evaluate your video marketing content is vital to ensure your content stays engaging, attracts new customers, and helps maintain your competitive edge.

It can be difficult to know when your video marketing strategy is in need of a refresh, so we’ve compiled a few key signs to look for. Whether your engagement has hit a slump, your industry has shifted or your content has simply become dated, we’ll offer insights to help you stay ahead of the curve.

As promised, here are some indicators that it might be time to invest in some new video content:

Decreased or Poor Engagement

If your business’ video marketing content doesn’t seem to be getting the views, likes and shares you’re aiming for, it’s time to re-evaluate. Perhaps your video is difficult to understand without sound and inadvertently discouraging viewers based on the perceived effort it would take to engage with it. Maybe poor hierarchy is making your video blend into the surrounding visuals and making it easy to scroll past. A number of factors can contribute to poor engagement, and more often than not mean that the content needs to be updated or improved.

Changes Within the Company

Has your business recently undergone significant changes? Think, rebranding, revisiting your company values or desired messaging, and attempting to target new demographics, for example. When these kinds of visual or philosophical changes happen within your company, it’s vital to update your video marketing content and strategy accordingly. While audiences generally enjoy understanding a company’s history, they want to know who you are now!

Changes to the Industry

Today’s industries are fast-changing! New trends are constantly arising, and emerging technologies are popping up frequently across a wide range of fields. When the times are changing, so should your video marketing content. Keeping current shows your audience that you’re passionate about your business, and adapting to advancements that allow you to provide the best services or products possible!

Increased Competition

With countless start-ups popping up on a near constant basis, many companies are facing an increase in competition. Keeping your video content refreshed and up to date will do wonders to help you stand out! Plus, with the impact of search engine and social media algorithms, regular updates will help keep you at the top of your target audience’s feeds and minds alike.

Outdated Content

Sometimes your video content simply becomes outdated or no longer relevant! Like we mentioned above: your branding or messaging, industry standards or even the platforms available to you may have changed since your video content was produced. When that’s the case, it’s certainly time to invest in some fresh content. If it’s been a year or longer since you last considered the effectiveness of your video marketing materials, your content may be overdue for a facelift!


Change can be hard, but with video in particular it’s an important thing to embrace. Be prepared to knuckle down with your video content and create a consistent chain of production and output to both retain and grow your audience. By building this practice into your video marketing strategy, you’ll keep your content fresh and engaging, attract new customers, and maintain your competitive edge in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

If you’re realizing as you read this that your video content is due for a fresh approach, we can show you where to start! With decades of experience and a passion for growing your business through high-quality video, our production team can get you where you need to be. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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