The Brand-Boosting Power of Behind-the-Scenes Video Content

Capturing behind-the-scenes video content of team members sharing a laugh while getting final touchups before stepping in front of the camera.


Introducing behind-the-scenes video content to your marketing content lineup can help you create a sense of authenticity and transparency, build and reinforce your brand’s personality, showcase your expertise, and spark curiosity and anticipation in your viewers’ minds – to name just a few benefits. Whether you’re planning an event, launching a new product or simply wanting to offer a glimpse of how you do things, behind-the-scenes video can be a goldmine for business owners.

If you’re on the fence about including behind-the-scenes video production in your video marketing strategy, read on to learn about the benefits it can offer your business!

Maximize Your Marketing Investments

Whether you’re hosting an event, launching a new product or producing video marketing content, you’re already investing time and money into your business. So, why not get more bang for your buck? Adding behing-the-scenes content (or BTS, for short) to a project scope is a cost-effective way for businesses to maximize their investments. Plus, if filming video is already playing a role in a project, including BTS footage comes at an exceptionally low added cost. Behind-the-scenes video can be easily clipped and formatted for multi-platform distribution, and make for great short-form video content. With the massive rise in popularity and algorithms pushing this format through Tiktok, Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts, shooting behind-the-scenes content can do wonders for increasing engagement. It can also add a level of excitement to internal communications, and stills from the videos are great for use in blogs, newsletters, and a diverse range of marketing needs. Companies can benefit from the additional marketing content from existing projects, while peaking their audience’s curiosity and giving viewers a look at how and why they do what they do!

Establish Authenticity and Transparency

It’s no secret: people like to connect with other people. Behind the scenes video content naturally focuses on the people behind your brand, working passionately to make your business work! Showcasing the human side of your business – i.e. the real people, faces and teams behind your operation – gives viewers a sense of transparency and connection. The authenticity offered within them humanizes your brand in viewers eyes, and is the best way to capture the attention of certain customer types, encouraging positive customer emotions. Not to mention, candidly sharing insights into your processes, challenges and successes does wonders to build trust in your audience’s eyes. Addressing questions or issues directly through BTS content shows that you value open communication with your clients, customers and audience. This kind of transparency around your workflow helps your customers to understand and appreciate the expertise, effort and dedication that goes into your products or services. The sense of honesty and connection offered by BTS content builds trust in your customers eyes and can be foundational for forming long-term business relationships.

Showcase Your Expertise

As we previously mentioned, behind-the-scenes video content provides audiences with an inside look into operations, workflows, and processes within a business. By showcasing how their team approaches tasks, handles challenges, and delivers high-quality results, they’re actually demonstrating expertise within their industry! When companies highlight the specialized knowledge and skills of their teams, such as advanced techniques or unique problem-solving approaches, they gain credibility in their audience’s eyes. Seeing the dedication, skill and attention to detail that goes into a company’s operations assures existing and potential customers that they’re giving their business to the best possible people for the job! Through this format, businesses can emphasize what sets them apart from the competition and show customers exactly why they should choose their products or services over others in the market.

Build Anticipation and Exclusivity

Behind the scenes videos are particularly engaging, in large part because of the unique excitement they elicit from viewers. Peeking behind the curtain at those people, processes and moments that are not typically shared publicly offers audiences a sense of exclusivity, making them feel a certain level of privilege. This notion of being part of an insider community encourages brand loyalty, and can strengthen the sense of connection that an audience feels towards a business or brand.

In addition to building that sense of exclusivity, including behind-the-scenes video production as part of your business marketing strategy is a cost-effective way to build anticipation for upcoming projects, products and events. Offering viewers a sneak peek of what’s in the works is an excellent way to create buzz among followers, existing customers and potential ones alike! Businesses can spark curiosity in their viewers’ minds without breaking the bank on set-building and on-screen talent by showcasing the processes of those working hard to make your upcoming products, events and services the best they can be!

Supercharge Your Internal Content

Aside from including behind-the-scenes video and photography in marketing materials, businesses can also reap benefits from adding this content into internal communications. Showcasing the fantastic work being done within a business in a candid, people-forward format is an excellent way to foster company pride for existing employees, and introduce new employees to how great it is to work there! When included in onboarding and training materials, for example, behind-the-scenes videos can be an excellent tool for sharing insights, tips, best practices and other industry-specific knowledge. Newcomers will benefit from the educational content, and also get a look at what life with the organization will look like. It also makes an engaging addition to company newsletters, by using BTS content to commemorate special events, spotlight the passionate employees behind day-to-day operations, and more!


Behind-the-scenes videos are a multifaceted asset that businesses can leverage to maximize their marketing investments, establish authenticity and transparency, build anticipation and a sense of exclusivity, and create engaging internal communications. These videos captivate customers, showcasing expertise and setting you apart from competitors, while also establishing trust and connection with your audience. They generate excitement, engagement, and loyalty by offering sneak peeks into the passion, dedication and hard work behind your business. Internally, they improve employee communication, onboarding, and motivation. Overall, behind-the-scenes videos can be a powerful tool in today’s digital landscape for fostering connection, strengthening brand identities and driving overall success.

When considering implementing behind-the-scenes video as part of your marketing strategy, it’s a great idea to have experienced video professionals in your corner! With decades of experience and a passion for growing your business through high-quality video, our production team can help you get the most out of your investments. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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