Your Guide to Shooting Stunning Video Like a Pro 

Shooting stunning video like a pro is quite an undertaking, especially if the finished product is meant to be used for your marketing material or corporate communications.
Your Guide to Shooting Stunning Video Like a Pro

Professional videos entail setting up for pre-production; the production stage itself with lights, camera, action; and editing in post-production. Learning how to shoot like a pro may not be your final goal, but getting some of the tips the pros work with can make a huge difference in your output with minimal effort.

Here are some of the best ways you can shoot like a pro and nail your videography to produce high-quality video marketing content. 

1. Get the Brief Right

Good videos are rarely ever created on a whim. Planning is absolutely essential for high-quality video content, so the most important step in pre-production is laying out all the details in the brief. Consider the following questions:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What is the main objective of the video? What is the call to action?
  • What are the success metrics? 
  • What is the main message?

Providing the answers to these questions down to the last detail will provide the foundation for the rest of the video production process. After the brief comes the script and storyboard, the details of which will depend on your video format. If it is majority speech, then starting with the talking points and fleshing out how that will translate onto camera is the best option. Highly visual videos may have a storyboard that outlines the key scenes and cutaways. 

2. Set Up the Camera

During production, one of the first things you’ll want to do is ensure your camera’s stability and backup, including blank tripods, extra SD cards, and charged batteries. 

As much as possible, film your videos using natural light. This is applicable whether you’re indoors facing large windows or outdoors under soft light provided by dusk, dawn, or cloudy days. Overhead lighting can cast unflattering shadows. The shot compositions will also matter in addition to the lighting. Be sure to have a background that is pleasing to the eye without being too busy or distracting. Framing your shot at eye level and just above the waist will capture your subject so that they don’t look awkward or imposing. 

3. Get Your Audio Crisp and Clear

Your camera may shoot stellar video quality, but the built-in mic is often insufficient for high-quality audio. Investing in a separate microphone to capture crisp and clear audio is essential for the best results. Video production services will usually come with separate audio equipment when filming your projects. The microphone wire should be discreet and able to record the talent’s voice without drowning in the background noise.

4. Rehearsal, Shoot, and B-Roll

Rehearsals are a must for every video production. This will allow your on-camera talent to get used to the script’s flow and for the individual shooting to practice their cues. Rehearsals minimize the time and effort required to capture the footage you need without too many retakes. Once your shot is well lit, framed, and focused with clear audio, you can then record. Be sure to play your footage back while you’re still on set to ensure that you have the opportunity to reshoot any scenes, if necessary. 

5. Editing

Once you have your footage, it’s time to edit. Here are some tips to ensure the best editing work.

  • Ensure your brand is consistent all throughout the video for a seamless look and feel.
  • Tie a narrative together.
  • Show the viewer using b-roll snippets like soundbites paired with interesting visuals to imply the context.
  • Good background music is important, but it shouldn’t overpower your video.
  • Be strict with editing and cut out unnecessary footage while keeping it simple. 


Shooting like a pro involves careful planning and attention to detail. From the pre-production stages involving the brief details and script-writing to all the aspects of production itself and finally editing, it can sometimes be overwhelming to make sure that you’ve got everything covered. Working with a reputable video production team can help you bring your vision to life on the camera and produce the results you want—without the stress!
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