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We are a video production company that sports a roster of creative talent that includes writers, directors, videographers, editors, animators, VFX artists, photographers and producers. Collectively we enjoy over 75 years of experience creating marketing and advertising for clients in Vancouver and indeed all over North America. Our team will expand or shrink according to your needs and budget, so you are never wasting expenses on things you don’t need for your campaign to be successful.

What we do

We work with clients to create multi-platform video content that drives response and action.

Our collective history includes creative integration with many of the world’s biggest brands, and we bring this experience to the table no matter how big or small your budget needs to be.

Based in Vancouver, BC. But shooting everywhere in the world!


Helping analyze your needs, then building strong concepts and scripts to get your message to new levels. It’s what we do and we love it.


Our video teams come from massive backgrounds, and won’t settle for anything less than the absolute best quality. Your message needs to be respected and pushed to its’ top limits.


Start with great footage or interviews, but then the way a video is finished, and how it interacts with graphics, text and CG elements makes the difference between good and great.

Ready to publish your video?

We can take care of your video marketing needs.

CompanyMan Production Services

Our services side gets to work with some really great producers and digital agencies from around the world. While we often provide the nuts and bolts for full-scale commercial productions and even TV, we really love to get a small, dynamic crew together to shoot content that demands flexibility with smaller budgets. It often means wearing many hats, working with real people casting and locations, and getting very creative with art department and gear. But it brings forth exciting challenges and really great work.

OLAY - Mustache


Mustache Agency



Martin Williams Advertising

INVESCO - One at Optimus


One at Optimus

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Customers reviews

We wanted our videos to be creative, edgy and outside the box!  We wanted to make people laugh and at the same time show how professional and reliable we are at Pit Stop Portables and that it is a super place to work.  Well I sure thought it sounded like a daunting task; but for John and his team at Backlot Media it was a challenge they accelerated on!  They over-delivered and not only left us in awe they had all our employees feeling like movie stars!  Bravo Backlot Media…. Bravo!!!
Shannon Mitchell
Director of Marketing | Pit Stop Portable Toilet Services Ltd.
John and Raf are invaluable resources for developing scripts and story arcs to ensure that messaging is clear and engaging for target audiences. They are adept at coaching subject matter experts to get their best performances. Their attention to production details like lighting, camera angles, sound, B-roll, and the editing process result in a superior video product.
They are a pleasure to work with as people and professionals. I have no hesitation recommending them, and Backlot Media, for video projects..
Marni MacLeod
MA, LLB, Vice President, Skunkworks Creative Group Inc.
I worked with the Backlot team on multiple occasions over the course of 2 years. Every time I worked with them, they astounded me with their level of professionalism, creativity, attention to detail and care. The final videos they produced worked wonders in generating awareness and conversions for our organization. I would most certainly work with them again.
Victoria Cubbon
Designer, Marketer & Illustrator




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422 Richards St #170, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4