A Powerful Tool: Using Webinars to Market and Grow Your Business​

When the world was stuck in isolation, virtual events provided a way for people to continue engaging with their interests, and those who share them. Along with virtual events, webinars saw a massive spike in popularity

While they’ve been around for many years, virtual events rose to unprecedented popularity over the course of the pandemic. When the world was stuck in isolation, virtual events provided a way for people to engage with their interests, and those who share them. Along with virtual events, webinars saw a massive spike in popularity. 

While they undoubtedly offer great benefits to their attendees, webinars are also a powerful tool for marketing and growing your business! They offer an impressive level of convenience to viewers, and are cost-effective for businesses to produce. As a result, including webinars in your marketing strategy offers a number of benefits. Draw in new customers, attract stakeholders, establish your company as a leading expert in your chosen industry, and more! Read on to learn why your business should start hosting webinars, today.

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Increase Brand Awareness With Cost-Effective Marketing

Webinars are a remarkably cost-effective marketing tool, with the most bare-bones approach requiring only a computer to get started. They’re a highly-effective way to reach a large audience without the expensive overhead costs associated with physical events and other traditional forms of marketing. By inviting the public to attend your webinars, you’ll be able to engage viewers, showcase your knowledge, and give your brand awareness a boost all at once! As opposed to a traditional sales pitch or advertisement, the conversational nature of webinars helps attendees feel as though they’ve gotten to know your brand on a much deeper level. Attendees will learn about your chosen topic, while also gaining context for your products and learning about your company and  industry.

Broaden Your Reach

Due to the highly accessible nature of webinars compared to in-person events, they’re a fantastic way to reach a widespread audience. Without the geographic restrictions that physical events impose, your webinar can be attended from anywhere in the world! Plus, the majority of hosting platforms will give you the option to record and save your webinar. This gives you the ability to extend the life of your event! By making your webinar available retroactively, or even across multiple platforms, attendees will be able to work the webinar into their schedule however they please. Folks who might not have been able to attend in real-time can still benefit from your content, and you can continue to benefit from it as well!

Generate and Nurture Leads

In addition to reaching an international audience, webinars are also a great way to generate and nurture high-quality leads! Since attendees have signed up based on their interest in your chosen topic, you already know they’re interested in what you have to offer. Generating leads from a webinar is as simple as collecting contact information from interested participants and following up with them after the event! You’ll be able to form new connections, and help them take the next step from student to customer. And, for those leads that aren’t ready to commit on the spot, you can continue to nurture them until they are. Through your webinar platform of choice, you’ll have all their contact information stored in one place and can easily track your communications with each of them.

Engage With Your Customers

We’ve discussed how webinars can help you effectively reach a wider audience, but we have yet to mention the benefits they pose for existing clientele! Webinars can provide an excellent opportunity for your business to engage with customers in real-time. Existing customers will have the chance to ask you their burning questions directly while you share your knowledge. They’ll gain a better understanding of your products and services, while you can get valuable feedback about your customers needs, and any knowledge gaps they might have about your business’ offerings. Being able to communicate with the people “behind the curtain” of your organization (so to speak) will do wonders to foster a sense of trust with your client base

Establish Your Place in the Industry

Aside from the B2C benefits that webinars present, they can also be a great way to demonstrate your authority within your chosen industry. By sharing your valuable insights, knowledge and expertise with your audience, you can establish your business as a thought leader in your field. You’ll not only be leading a webinar, you’ll also be building trust in your businesses capabilities, adding to your professional marketability, and drumming up positive PR. All of these will do wonders to grow your company’s expertise in the eyes of clients and competitors alike.

Internal Training/Education

In addition to publicly accessible webinars, they can also be useful for internal communications. They are an excellent way to reduce the cost of employee training, and can be applied to fit your various needs. Are you rolling out a new product or service that requires your employees to learn a new skill? Maybe a change to your company’s client-care philosophy necessitates an in-depth explanation? Whatever your needs, webinars can be a highly effective tool for streamlining the way you train and educate employees, partners and customers alike.


Webinars are a highly effective and cost-efficient way for your business to reach a larger audience, generate leads, engage with customers, and establish their authority in their industry. Whether you’re teaching the public how to use your products or services, presenting your expert insights and ideas or offering training to your employees – webinars can help reduce your overhead and streamline your marketing process (and even your sales funnel)! As virtual events continue to rise in popularity, investing in webinars will ensure your business maintains its competitive edge.

If you’re ready to start investing in webinars for your business, check out our article on Launching Effective Webinars for key tips from our video professionals! And, if you’re looking for a top-talent production team with decades of experience to make your webinars really stand out, give us a call today!


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