Launching Effective Webinars – 3 Key Tips for Businesses

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Webinars are currently one of the most popular virtual events across the Internet because of their convenience and value in production for the business and their target audience. That’s because many individuals like to immerse themselves in their interests and access ways that can help address their daily issues or more specialized problems. 


Unfortunately, your business may not have any concrete ideas for launching your first webinar. But don’t worry, we can provide you with the information you need! 


This article will discuss three practical tips that will guide you through professional webinar production. Take this as an opportunity to launch relevant branding virtual events and campaigns that will enable your company to stand out as a leading expert in your chosen industry. That way, you can attract more customers and key stakeholders to support your business! 


1. Think about your target customers’ needs and preferences


You need to be methodical about your webinar’s topic and resource speaker. So you may also want to take the basic format beyond the conventional means. For instance, maybe you want to appear as a resource speaker and use the webinar as a question and answer session for your valuable customers. Whatever your approach, you must always put yourself in the shoes of your target customers. 


For example, let’s say you run a sustainable living home renovation company in Vancouver. One strategic webinar idea tailored to your target audience is a virtual event on selecting the best environmentally friendly interior design pieces for family households. 


You can also incorporate your branding and products to entice customers to interact with your company. There’s no shame in marketing because you are legitimizing your business as an immediate solution to your target market’s wants and needs. This perfect entrepreneurial relationship can define your professional career!  


2. Target an ideal time and date 


Most businesses believe that they can launch their webinars unannounced because it’s virtual anyway. After all, most of their customers are probably on their electronic devices, especially during this global pandemic. However, you cannot simply assume that your customers will prioritize your company when they go about their other obligations, like work and school.


As such, you should set a schedule depending on your customers’ online traffic statistics, like the ones listed on Facebook and Instagram, where you can determine when most of your users are online. You can also use surveys as direct customer data to determine the ideal time and date. That way, you can launch effective virtual events and continue to entice your customers with engaging webinars! 


3. Invest in a professional video production company 


Many companies see the value of webinars. Still, they seldom fail to reach their target customers because they don’t invest in the right video production tools to create high-quality virtual event campaigns. These costly mistakes can lead your business to become ineffective in your chosen market and may land you in bankruptcy. That’s why you should invest in high-quality video production through a company that can handle your live streaming events, especially webinars. 




Many businesses are launching virtual events, like webinars, because they are aware of their deep marketing potential. That means you can expect a lot of competition in today’s market. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of what’s needed to launch effective webinars and compete against other companies. Remember all the previously mentioned tips and plan your next virtual event today! 


Are you looking for the best video production company in British Columbia for streaming your business’s live events? Consult with us at Backlot Media. We can provide you with the best virtual events team to help your company hold high-quality webinars to increase your online presence. Launch your next big online event with us today to become a leading brand in your chosen industry! 

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