How to Turn Your Video Marketing Content Into Sales

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A buyer’s journey defines what the consumer needs at the moment. If your goal this year is to successfully boost your sales through video marketing, you must create videos relevant to your audience. Your videos will be more effective if they meet your consumers’ needs and showcase what they are looking for. By breaking each down and understanding what consumers want, you will have a more productive video output. 


Stage 1: Awareness 


Awareness is the stage in the journey when people realize that they have a problem they need to address, and they require a product or a service to solve it. They are more likely to look for answers online by entering keywords in search engines in this stage. Your video will be more meaningful to them if it can answer the questions they have or make them understand their current situation better.


What You Can Do:

  • Explainer Videos: This video type is one of the best you can use for people in this stage of the buyer’s journey. Explainer videos are short, animated videos often used to describe what the product or service can do. It includes the problems your brand is trying to solve, how your products or services can help, and why they must consider your brand instead of others. 
  • Educational Videos: This video type comes in many different forms. One common way is by using graphics and animations to illustrate a point. The purpose of this video is to establish your brand as a credible source of information and highlight your brand value and trustworthiness. 


Stage 2: Consideration


This stage is where the evaluation of your customers comes in. Since they already have a defined challenge or an established goal, they begin to assess the different methods they discovered available to them. Here is where being critical with the information you are sharing is more important. To improve your sales, highlight what your brand can do.


What You Can Do: 

  • Product Videos: There is only one item in the spotlight for this type of video, and that is your product or service. The purpose of this video is to show your audience your product’s various features and benefits. Help them better understand what you sell. Be creative with how you share your product’s story and focus on adding value to your consumer’s life. 
  • How-To Videos: This video type is also known as a tutorial or instructional video. You create this video type if you want to teach your viewers how to do something they did not know. It is also a great way to answer questions in their head. It includes a clear set of steps to accomplish what they set out to learn. 


Stage 3: Decision 


At this point in the journey, your consumer is deciding on a particular solution to their problem. They may have developed their strategy for solving the problem but still needs to have that specific tool to purchase or a brand to work with. It is the chance for you to lead your consumers to the right choice―your brand.


What You Can Do:

  • Testimonial Videos: Gather existing consumers or happy customers talking about how much they loved your offers and how they helped them. By doing so, you can make your brand look more dependable. 
  • FAQ Videos: Answer the frequently asked questions about your products or service through an FAQ video. This video type addresses the concerns most people have about your brand, and it is another way for you to highlight your product or service’s strengths. 




Always have a clear goal when creating your video. By understanding what your customers want at the moment, you can create a more engaging and compelling video. By producing videos they can resonate with, you can get their attention, trust, and preference better. 


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