How the Global Pandemic Is Affecting Video Consumption

Since March, when the world essentially ground to a halt because of the global pandemic, one of the key challenges has been boredom. The intense, long bout with boredom has shifted the way we interact with media elements daily. As you may have observed over the years, videos can resonate well with people because they are compelling and easily digestible for public consumption. In this article, we will share what you need to know about the impact of video marketing on your business and why it's an investment worth making.
Post Pandemic Greeting

Smartphones were already important before, but now, we depend on our phones so much they practically count as an essential means of survival. It has become the best, main way to keep in touch with loved ones who we cannot see in person given health protocols. Moreover, our smartphones serve as our best way to keep ourselves entertained.

According to Neilsen, mobile use in March 2020 was up by 215% from March 2019.

The Increase in Mobile Video Consumption

73% of millennials and Generation Z (or “Gen Z”) watch more videos on their smartphones now than they did last year, according to a report by Mobile Marketer. There’s a good chance that this is due to the fact that a large number of those consumers find mobile videos as a helpful tool in coping with the pandemic’s social distancing requirement. Entertainment is the primary reason, but a good number also gets a sense of connection when watching videos.

Many also stay updated on local and national news through mobile video. Forbes reported that at the onset of lockdowns and “stay home” orders, internet use was up by 70%. There is a spike in the consumption of videos that highlight overall wellness and personal growth because younger generations turn to mobile videos to aid their mental well-being.


It’s safe to say that younger generations have found a way to fill the void in human connection caused by the coronavirus through mobile video. User-generated videos, in particular, not ones from retail companies, are viewed every day by a huge number of people. That may look like a huge advertising issue for most companies, but there’s actually room for that through video ads.

Instagram is one of the main platforms for this, especially since they have a feature called ‘Explore’, wherein content uploaded by other users is suggested by the algorithm to the user, depending on what they looked at and ‘Liked’. Snapchat is also another popular app that saw an even bigger rise in popularity with mobile video content. There is also an app called TikTok, which allows users to create content across various genres, such as comedy, dance trends, and music.


The pandemic has affected the way we consume video, whether for entertainment or connectivity purposes. Due to the rise of video content demand online, businesses and organizations are also seeing the need to invest in video content more. In a time when everything is uncertain, videos become an effective tool to reach out to consumers. Videos help them stay entertained and connected to the rest of the world as they watch the same video content together, though physically apart.

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