How to Create Brand Videos Amidst COVID-19 – Our Guide

This article will take you through three simple steps to produce compelling video content that you can launch for your next advertising campaign. Take this as a starting point to give your business a fighting chance to thrive despite all the economic hurdles brought about by the pandemic. Many customers and businesses are still adjusting to the significant changes brought about by COVID-19.

Unfortunately, some companies find it challenging to reach out because they have little to no grasp of digital marketing and video advertising. But really, all it takes is strong, compelling visual entertainment. 

Fortunately for your business, you have the opportunity to produce engaging brand videos that can help your business stay relevant in the current market. Producing brand videos allows you to innovate and re-invent your marketing approach—a welcome opportunity during this pandemic!  

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1. Capture your customers’ general sentiments on COVID-19

You cannot produce video content that doesn’t keep your target audience in mind, hence why you should do your customer research before moving forward with video production. The COVID-19 pandemic is a good reference point to start because it’s relevant, highly evocative as a current event, and can enable you as a brand to show your customers that you are in this together. 

The best way to start gathering relevant customer information for your branding videos is through focus group discussions, interviews, and consulting with a video production company, as these are your primary resources to develop the best narrative for your advertising campaign! 

Another vital thing to note about brand videos is that you should never stop with one, especially when customers need to hear from your business. 

Keep the business conversations going by studying the after-launch data of your launched visual content and use them as guiding points to refine your next video marketing campaigns! That way, you can build a powerful brand presence in your industry! 

2. Study different video styles 

Thinking about an ideal video style can help you add your personal touch to your brand video. You can also take this as an opportunity to take risks as you target a niche market you didn’t consider before. However, you may also expect to encounter some relevant challenges with decision making. 

For example, let’s say you run a small business that sells animal toys to preschool children in Vancouver. You may want to consider documentaries as a brand video style because you want your brand to be authentic and customer-oriented. 

However, you may also want to get into motion graphics and animation—two visually impactful video styles ideal for children that draw from excitement rather than being mainly just for the parents. 

As such, it’s essential to study your business’s current status in the marketplace. That way, you can determine your marketing plans and choose the right direction for your brand video. You can also consult with your video production company to think about effective video production solutions that can help you tell your business’s brand story effectively.

3. Hire a professional video production company  

You need an experienced team of video creatives to help you through every step of brand video production. All you need to do is book your meeting, talk about your vision, budget, and other essential details, and then you can stay involved by giving your input during the production process. That way, you can develop successful, high-impact branding videos ready to hit the digital space or local television station!


Your business may find it extra challenging to reach customers due to COVID-19. Fortunately, you now know what you can do through brand videos as your brand adapts to the new normal. Work on your next video advertising campaign today! 

Are you looking for a professional video production company in Vancouver? Partner with us at Backlot Media. We can provide you with high-quality video content through our dedicated team of directors, videographers, and other creative industry professionals. Consult with us to create compelling brand stories that will get customers to support your business! 

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