The Benefits of Using Motion Graphics in Marketing

Digital marketing has a wide range of available formats, but video production is undeniably one of the primary ones. 93% of video marketers have stated that video has directly led to a rather significant customer increase. Meanwhile, 91% reported an increase in return on investment, according to Animoto’s Social Video Trends: Consumer and Marketer Insights 2020. Video being essentially omnipresent in marketing means that you have to exert a little extra effort to stand out. This is where motion graphic videos come into play.
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Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is a preserve from the movie industry. Both the opening titles and credits during closing had graphics that were essentially given a jolt of life. Decades later, they are used widely in terms of video marketing. Basically, these are animated graphic elements. Marketers use motion graphics for various purposes, such as explainer videos since it is one of the easiest ways for a concept to be clarified. 

There are several benefits to using motion graphics in marketing.

Mundane content becomes far more interesting 

Given today’s extremely digital era, people are absolutely not lacking in choices when it comes to content they can consume. If your content does not appeal to an audience or worse, is considered boring, something far more interesting to them is merely a click away. This means that there has to be something that immediately makes your target market perk up and pay attention when your content crosses their feed. 

Motion graphics can instantly upgrade your video content. For example, an ad for machinery that requires an expert to talk about it can use motion graphics to make the topic more interesting. Instead of someone just talking, which may be boring for some, a voiceover can be applied to relevant animation.

Brand awareness won’t just be created; it will increase exponentially

Even in the most saturated of markets, the market share will increase largely in your business’ favour if you establish a strong brand identity. When a potential customer is made aware of your brand, the likelihood of proceeding to the final stage of the sales funnel is high. Producing live-action content has an overhead that is so large, it could no longer be profitable in the long run. In comparison, motion graphics allows for lesser costs yet more room for identifiers that point to your brand, which are recognizable in the long run.

Content becomes quite easy to share

One of the most incredible facets of motion graphics is how adaptable to social media it is. Video animation content is generally short and gets directly to the point. When you combine that factor with visually appealing content, then you have a winning formula. Shareability also allows for an edge in terms of the very prominent aspect of mobile video marketing. Majority of people worldwide use their smartphones for practically everything now, including research before buying a product or availing of a service.


Pushing your brand forward amidst the white noise of video marketing can get a large boost from motion graphics. There are multiple benefits to maximizing this in your content strategy. If it seems overwhelming or you’re not sure where to start, reach out to a professional.

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